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Seven stars award winner for hospitality networking and recruitment.


Seven stars award winner for hospitality networking and recruitment.

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Work in hotels, restaurants, spas or tourism? Join the community now.

Holedo is your portal to all things hospitality. We bring together a world of people working in hospitality and actively support individuals, groups and the entire community with social networking, news and jobs from around the world.

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With the Holedo app, you are always at the centre of your hospitality network. As you use the app, you will discover endless possibilities and applications.

Holedo is your portal into the world of hospitality. You can meet new people, find new jobs, and get informed and inspired by the latest updates from your co-workers, employers, and the entire industry.

Our fully encrypted app is part of Holedo’s end-to-end talent development solution. It encompasses everything from industry-specific content to social networking, career portals and talent development.

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Holedo Chat is free for individuals, groups, communities and companies.

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Join the global community of hospitality professionals. Registration and membership free and simple.

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Secure and independent communication that gives you the same level of privacy as face-to-face conversations in your own home.

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Holedo is also great for the workplace. It’s trusted by the world’s most secure organisations.

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Holedo knows that some people join the hospitality industry as a career choice, and it's our mission to take care of them the entire time. Join the community that's transforming an entire industry.

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