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Frequently Answered Questions

These FAQ may address some of your immediate questions. Please get in touch to find out more about our Talent Management & Recruitment solutions.

Why choose Holedo's TMR©?

When you use our TMR© you will save money, gain a competitive advantage and make your users and job seekers happy.

How do I get started?

Self-serve TMR© accounts will be available soon. In the meantime please get in touch with us.

What kind of support do you provide?

Holedo provides free-of-charge customer support via knowledge base articles, explainer videos, chat, and ticket systems. Dedicate support channels are available to enterprise customers.

How much does the TMR© cost?

We have a price point and product offering that anyone can afford. Typically you may expect a 90% saving on your current spending plus significant operational cost reduction. See our pricing here.

Can I integrate the TMR© with other services?

Yes! We developed the TMR to offer easy and almost infinite integration options using open standard REST APIs.

Tell me more about Holedo.

Holedo evolved from an international hospitality executive search consultancy. Many of our clients stress over day-to-day recruitment and complain about expensive products that don't work for them the way they want. In response, we worked with top hotel management teams around the world to design and develop their ideal solutions. Enter Holedo.

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