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Talent Management and Recruitment

Search and hire talent from Holedo using our TMR© platform

Holedo makes the hospitality sector an attractive career choice and enables employers to develop and recruit skilled professionals.

Developed jointly with management and HR teams at:

Talent Management & Recruitment SaaS

Hospitality Talent Management and Recruitment (TMR©) reimagined and engineered for a post-Covid employment landscape.

TMR dashboard

Get it done with us

Forget about stringing multiple tools together.  Only our TMR© helps you manage the entire recruitment process from A to Z.

Community Management

Build a community around your industry or brand. Develop a talent pool interested in your sector.

Talent Development

Increase employer attraction through meaningful relationship management with future, current and past employees.

Recruitment Tools

Our innovative suite of recruitment and management tools set the bar for efficiency, capability and ease of use.

Easy-breezy set up

Forget about adapting your workflow, policies or organisational structure to suit legacy I.T. systems. We designed our TMR© from the ground up to work for any user. Our simple but powerful settings direct our TMR© to work the way you work, from a small one-person setup to large enterprise teams.

Build strong relationships with your talent pipe line.

People exist inside of relationships. Whether within a family, a sport, a community or at work, relationships cause a person to show up and be known. Relationships are at the heart of human existence, and our TMR© puts powerful relationship management tools front and centre.

Managing your hiring process doesn’t have to be complicated.

Only a poor craftsman blames his tools, but the best use specialist means to achieve world-class results. Welcome to high performance recruiting enabled by the best talent management and recruiting solution imaginable.

"Many recruiters agonize over finding and attracting talent. They are often unsure how to make things better, so they try different channels and tools and tweak the products they were given to use. But as soon as they solve one dilemma, others surface. This cycle of inefficiency continues and has led to overwhelming workloads and unsatisfactory results. Use the TMR© for teams to make a real difference in your organization's recruiting capability and performance. "

– Ralf Borchert, CEO Holedo Worldwide

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