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Frequently Asked Questions

Holedo's TMR© alters what's possible for hospitality recruitment. Here are some F.A.Q. about our scope and price.

How come so inexpensive?

We designed the TMR© to be so simple to use that you can serve yourself like from a buffet. You can quickly and easily configure your settings and get started without laborious onboarding or licensing. Our cloud-based technology runs in the background and takes care of the rest.

What about support?

Holedo provides free-of-charge customer support via knowledge base articles and explainer videos. We provide ticketed support to customers on the professional plan and chat support to enterprise customers.

What do you mean with my own branded jobs site or career portal?

We mean that you can integrate your very own job site within your website. For example: www.yoursite.com/jobs or https://careers.yoursite.com

Price per property - not per user?

Correct. We view recruitment as an organizational discipline not confined to HR. We encourage our customers to add hiring managers and department heads to their recruitment flow on the TMR©, so a pricing model per property works.

Are there any hidden costs?

Do you mean license fees, installation fees, hardware costs, hosting expenses, bandwidth, success fees, hiring limitations, user caps or obligatory onboarding fees and user training? No, there aren't any.

Can I get a free try or product demo?

Our starter plan is free to use and offers compelling features. We're happy to provide product demos to hospitality groups. Please get in touch.

How do I get started?

Self-serve TMR© accounts will be available soon. In the meantime please get in touch with us.

Prices may change. Price changes become effective at the beginning of client's next billing period. Clients may opt out of price changes and switch to the free starter plan.

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"We looked at hospitality recruitment from a supply chain perspective and found a big mess. Then we fixed it "

– Ralf Borchert, Co-founder Holedo Worldwide

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