Holedo’s Big Purpose

Holedo, also known as Hospitality Leaders, is the original hospitality industry community and talent pool reinvented for our evolving industry and global environment.



Our Big purpose

At its simplest level, our industry provides food and shelter to strangers. Strangers that become our friends over time. Food is an important part of what our industry provides. And food for thought that arises when we share our travels and ourselves with others.

At a higher level, our industry builds cultural awareness and acceptance amongst people.

Our industry shelters, nourishes and provides employment to all kinds of people. Regardless of religion, race, education, social or economic background; people working in hospitality collaborate and contribute to others daily.

We represent close to 10% of the global work force and our industry is growing faster than the world economy.

The members of this community includes the leadership of our industry at all levels. For us, leadership means to cause something to happen. Something, that without the individual taking action, would not happen.

The way our members conduct themselves and lead others, touches people near and far. People working in the hospitality industry make an immediate and lasting difference to others worldwide.

We are hospitality leaders. We are building a worldwide community, empowered with access to knowledge, recognition and career opportunities worldwide. An all encompassing industry body and powerful voice, leading the world away from conflict to collaboration.

Given the size, diversity and all inclusiveness of our industry, we have a unique opportunity to cause a powerful shift towards peace and freedom in our world.

Your participation and partnership will make a huge difference to the future of our planet and our children.

Why participate ?

News and Jobs

Holedo is your portal to all things hospitality. We bring together a world of people working in hospitality and actively support individuals, groups and the entire community with industry news and jobs from around the world.

Membership Grades

Your membership grade shows your status on our network and reflects your professional experience and participation in the hospitality industry.

Talent Pool

With a membership base that spans every level, from entry-level to executive positions, we’re committed to giving potential recruits, employers and recruiters the chance to identify and forge mutually beneficial partnerships.